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The three big credit reporting agencies now don’t include medical debt in reports for banks, landlords, etc.; and they won’t report small medical debts at all in 2023.
A committee looked at the impact on first-time buyers and minorities – and the real estate industry – if a high percentage of traditional family homes become rentals.
The tragedy rattled a Fla. insurance industry that was already struggling. One Palm Beach condo complex expected a 25% increase – but coverage rose by 82%.
Some advocates worry that investors in subsidized government housing will drop the affordable-housing subsidies in order to raise rents and pursue higher profits.
Older adults often want to stay in their home, and new tech tools – smart beds, fall detectors, security cameras, etc. – make it easier to do that.
FHA now offers a complete, four-part webinar series for novice buyers that “dispels FHA myths” and gives them clear steps they can take to become a homeowner.
Stock market and inflation fears hurt the economy, but increased economic pain can often lower mortgage rates if investors flock to mid-term bonds.
Every buyer in every real estate cycle faces challenges. Buyers who can keep things in perspective still qualify for mortgages and sign contracts for homes.
If renters paid their landlord on time for a year, they can share that info with Freddie Mac to improve their chance for mortgage approval or a lower interest rate.
A study by FAU and two other universities compared current rents with “historical trends.” It found Miami No. 1 in U.S., with rents 22.7% higher than historically expected.
The Fed’s interest rate hikes will cause the “pendulum to swing back down” some places, but no crash if vacancies stay low and underwriting standards remain high.
Home prices took a dive during the Great Recession and some homeowners think that will happen again, so they’re selling now and waiting for bargains to arrive.
A number of real-estate-related bills passed in the 2022 Florida Legislature and were signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, including the Hometown Heroes program.
Miya’s Law creates new rules, some of which impact landlords. Highest profile one is that a maintenance and repair “reasonable notice” rises from 12 to 24 hours.
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