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Flood premiums will change Oct. 1, 2020, once FEMA calculates costs based on new tools, but homeowners must wait until April 1, 2020, to see how they're impacted.
Almost everything from emails to tweets to social media can be automated, but there's a catch: Generic messaging shouldn't sound like spam and frustrate clients.
Business planning takes time and doesn't generate income, so many Realtors commit to 2 days per year doing it at the Aug. 21-22 Florida Realtors Convention and Trade Expo.
New institute envisioned to "become a focal point for research into how design, construction and planning can make our communities and cities safer."
Florida Realtors members in Tallahassee this week for GARD enjoyed a surprise visit from Gov. DeSantis, who talked about the strength of the Realtor voice in Fla.
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae recently made changes to an automated system that could help more self-employed individuals, such as Realtors, qualify for a mortgage. But not all banks offer it yet, so self-employed applicants may have to find ones that do.
Developers often cite a "lack of land" for affordable housing, but a new GPS mapping tool can now uncover missed opportunities. In Miami-Dade, for example, it found 500 million square feet of potential space for affordable homes.
At the Florida Real Estate Commission's March meeting, a new sentence clarifying the existing team ad rule was approved. The regulation must now wind its way through Fla.'s rule-making process.
Health study: How fit you are and how much you exercise may not affect your health as much as your location and the cost of rent or paying a mortgage.
If a bipartisan bill passes, military renters may be allowed to withhold rent until housing problems are corrected if commanders authorize them to do so.
Real estate QandA: A doctor's diagnosis is the first step in getting help. In some cases, associations simply don't understand their legal obligations.
Predictive analytics can give agents a leg up by allowing them to market services before a homeowner has made contact – but it means your data is being used too.
The monthly survey of homebuilders' attitudes was unchanged this month at 62. Any score above 50 is on the positive side of the index.
Facebook will pay about $5M to settle 5 lawsuits and take aggressive steps to block discriminatory advertising. A HUD investigation continues.
Lost or missing documents can turn tax season into a giant headache. Here are some common docs and what a tax pro says you can do if they give you the slip.
While Zillow may not have had the right to use VHT's photos, the court said Zillow may not have "been aware" and VHT might not have provided enough warnings.
If anything in your tax return suggests that you might not who you say you are, the IRS won't refund money until you jump through hoops to prove your identity.
Painting is one of the least expensive fixes a home seller can tackle, but myths abound. Do you really need a primer coat? Should the trim always be white?
If Jonathan Spears of Scenic Sotheby's International Realty in Destin gets the most votes, he's guaranteed a spot as NAR's Web Choice Award winner. Vote now.
What is changing? The Wire Fraud Prevention Notice (WFPN-2), Lead-based Paint Warning Statement for Rental Housing (LBPR-2), Extension to Exclusive Property Management Agreement (EEPM-1) and Release and Cancellation of Contract (RC-4).
About 1 in 4 members must renew their license by March 31. Need CE credit or first-cycle associate/broker credits? Florida Realtors offers them online. Find out more.
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